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Bias in the Courtroom: Gender, Race and the Jury (live teleconference option available)* 

June 27, 2014@9:00 am-11:00 am

Presenters: Johanna Carrane, JuryScope; Christina Ouska, JuryScope

Unfortunately, juror biases can play a role in any case on many levels. Being aware and adjusting for these biases can make the difference in a case. Jury consultants Johanna Carrane and Christina Ouska seek to answer the taboo questions of: How do jurors see gender and race in the courtroom? Are there issues of equality? How do I identify a biased juror? As a litigator, how do I best present my case such that jurors concentrate on the evidence and not the presenter? How do I protect the jurors’ rights and my own? Questions from those with all levels of experience will be welcome.

Credit: 2 Elimination of Bias Credits approved; Code #189581
Cost: $40 RCBA members; $60 non-members
Teleconference Cost: $60 RCBA members; $80 non-members