Ramsey County Bar Foundation Awards Nearly $20,000 in Cy Pres Funds to Local Organizations

The Ramsey County Bar Association awarded nearly $20,000 to three local non-profit organizations this fall. The 2015 Cy Pres Fund recipients included: Asian Women United of Minnesota, Bridges to Safety, and Civil Society.

Each year the foundation has awarded grants to organizations that educate the public in government and the legal system; promote and provide legal services to persons of limited means through grants to legal services providers; improve the administration of justice and the quality and functioning of the legal system and specifically for the general benefit of and advancement of women.

In March 2011, the Ramsey County Bar Foundation received an order from Federal District Court Judge Richard Kyle, awarding the foundation $100,000 in cy pres funds. The order requires that the funds “be used for the general benefit of and advancement of women.” The funds were distributed over a five-year period with 2015 being the final year.

The mission of the Ramsey County Bar Foundation is to provide financial support to programs in the Ramsey County geographic area that benefit the legal profession, improve the quality and accessibility of justice, and would otherwise attract the interest and support of Ramsey County Lawyers.